Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Ellery hates to get water in her eyes or on her face. During swimming lessons when it was time to put her face in the water, she would just smile sweetly and not do it. The teacher wanted her to blow bubbles in the water and Ellery brought a straw from home so she could blow bubbles without getting her face wet.

Gwyneth and Greg were in the pool and Greg was swimming around like a fish, diving down and paddling happily. Meanwhile, Gwyneth was using all of her considerable persuasive skills to coax Ellery to put her feet in the pool, then to sit on the ladder and then to move a few inches from the ladder.

Liz commented later that she was so impressed at how Greg could swim. Ellery said indignantly, "Aren't you impressed that I put my foot on the second step?"

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  1. I am impressed that Ellery put her foot on the second step. Absolutely! Seth also hates to have water anywhere near his face. Same story at swim lessons. Teachers wanted him to put his face in the water; he didn't want to. Finally, a couple years ago, Shulamith and I taught him to swim on top of the water (dog paddle), and he's been a happy little swimmer ever since. An Olympic swimmer he will never be, but he loves to swim and could save himself if necessary.