Monday, February 21, 2011


Ellery and Mom were getting ready to go to the zoo.

"Here's your shoes," Mom said as she handed them to Ellery.

"It would sound better to say, 'Here are your shoes.'" Ellery corrected gently.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Ellery had been sick all week. She told me sadly, "I feel a little unconscious in my belly."


When she returned to school after missing a whole week, Ellery was very excited to see everyone and to have everyone see her. It happened to be Valentines Day, however, and her classmates were all buzzing about what kind of valentines and party snacks they had brought.

Disappointed at their lack of interest in her, Ellery said tragically, "It's like I don't even exist!"


Dane discovered a cut on his foot. He immediately called Mimi to tell her all about his "short cut."

Dane and Mimi were playing with beads. A little later, Dane asked, "Mimi, could we play with those beetles again?"

Dane: Mimi, could you give me too many crackers?