Friday, December 25, 2009


While riding in the car playing Christmas trivia:

Mom: What did the three wise men bring as a gift for Jesus?

Ellery: A pony!

While jumping on Mom and Dad's bed after opening her stocking:

"This is the best Christmas ever!"

After returning home on Christmas day:

Ellery: This is going to change my life forever!

Mom: What?

Ellery: This! (patting the Dora hopping ball that Corin and Josh gave her) Forever.

While cuddling on the couch with Mom:

Mom: Will you sit on my lap?

Ellery: Why?

Mom: Because I'm cold.

Ellery: (in a longsuffering tone) Okay. Just this once.

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  1. Thank you, Monica! I've been starved for reading What Ellery Says!